Case study !
Cases treated with Homeopathy!
HOMEOPATHY for all kinds of acute and chronic diseases
Skin diseases, Respiratory diseases, fevers, cough, Git disorders, ear problems, Male and female diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid problem,Joint pains, rheumatic diseases , kidney problems, gall stones
Mental health and counselling
Homeopathic treatment and counselling for depression, anxiety disorders, sadness and any kind of mental disorders!
Drug deaddiction and counselling
Homeopathic treatment for all kind of addiction!
Cancer and tumors
Treatment of psoriasis
Treatments For
With years of experience in treating patients with different allergies, our homeopathy doctors have got a hand on treating all types of allergies.
Everybody faces the problem of acne once in their lifetime. Avail homeopathy treatment from our experienced doctors.
A case of Multiple painful warts treated with homeopathy By Dr Sahil Gupta
A case of atopic dermatitis treated with homeopathy By Dr vasudha vij Gupta
A case of urticaria treated by homeopathy By Dr vasudha vij Gupta
Dr. Sahil Gupta shares a case of upper abdominal pain in a man of 24. Cutting pain and green vomiting after eating were symptoms that responded very well with homeopathy
A case of psoriasis treated with homeopathy By Dr Sahil Gupta
Female diseases
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We, Dr. Sahil Multi Speciality Homeopathic Clinic, situated at Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and help them to get rid of the problem through which they are suffering from. Our objective is to deal with various health problems encountered by number of people. We are very proficient in our service. Our clinic has achieved eminence in this industry because of our client’s belief and trust.
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